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"Authentic" copy watches for sale uk NASA velcro strapWhen you learn to explore the realm of Speedmasters and Omega generally speaking one name you will come across will be the late and great Chuck Maddox. Several things could today are upshot of his thorough research, and that is still a reference point for a lot of topics. Allow that to become a Speedy Pro, an antique Heuer or vintage chronograph normally; he previously had his hands in everything. And boy was he ingenious. So ingenious that his works inspired a lot of people to begin their very own research, buy their first watch, or just like the subject of this article, make their own personal "authentic" NASA Velcro strap.Haise's flown strap at the Bonhams auctionAs Phil (or Kizzi known by members on watch forums and eBay) an expert Speedy wearer for Four decades puts it:"…always thought it might be cool to possess a watchband linked with Apollo to go with the watch, though the ones available never appeared as if flown ones sold at auctions or from your NASA image archive, knowning that always puzzled me. watches It was not until I chanced across Chuck Maddox's site that hosted the NASA watchband specification SEB12100030 that we realised all others had have it wrong and when I desired one just as the astronauts wore I'd must be make it myself."  It can be fair to say that Chuck was, unintentionally though, included in this project. The result is surely an instant classic then one every Speedy fan need to have - although it looks stunning on other models too. But lets not run ahead so quick, without a doubt the main story right away.It truly is renowned the standard issued Omega Speedmasters were designed with a Velcro strap for that astronauts ever since the Apollo missions. These straps were made in various lengths (and colours) and were put to use from the crewmembers both in and out the space shuttle. The strap was very convenient wide; you could use the Velcro to strap the watch onto a hook of your equipment if needed, that it was lighter versus the bracelet plus much more durable than any leather or corfam back then, also it turned out a basic design with few parts which could break. As mentioned previously, it turned out strapped on the wrist from the astronauts while working from the cabin or - using the long strap - onto the sleeve of the space suit during spacewalk. We have likely the two most iconic images to demonstrate this below. About the first photo you see Buzz Aldrin inside wearing his Speedy around the long Velcro (you should be aware what it is strapped twice round his wrist) additionally, on the picture below (stripped away from his Wikipedia page) the truth is Ed White wearing his signature Speedy  around his left wrist in a space walk. There are numerous other photos of astronauts putting them on during training, after landing or even around the moon.Now why don't we get time for Phil and the creations. As i received some info from Phil, I used to be amazed by the thoroughness of his research. He desired to develop a strap that doesn't only looks like the strap happens to be offered by NASA but will be nearly as good in the original. He used the original blueprints and went further with all the particulars. I can't bore you together with the details (readily available upon request) but permit me to provide you with a few examples. The fonts on the binding tape (and in many cases the tape itself) aren't only some Times New Roman CE fonts even so the "original" utilized by NASA. How exactly does he produce it? Here's the answer:"I purchased a classic typewriter with all the correct font for your serial and part numbers, nevertheless the markings can be challenging to read on mil-spec dark grosgrain ribbon in direct light. Perhaps compounded by my design decision never to chase an olive drab colour for the binding tape which fits the faded genuine flown items. I prefer the state run U.S. Army OD #7 for the factory fresh look,"The Velcro is no modern production but vintage mid 1970's deadstock. Including the thread used in the straps will be the correct color used in those years. Therefore it is reliable advice that when you want an "authentic" NASA Velcro I seriously know no better choice than the others straps fake watches . The value is a friendly $50 approximately, which because of the time invested in research, the vintage deadstock material and equipment utilized to produce it, is really nothing. One can choose from a normal plastic bag but the cool detail may be the NASA-like tag/sticker in it. I need to say I was afraid to use it first. I believed it might scratch the back of my transitional but found an incredibly cool means of with it - before I merely worn the extender as being a NATO. Also i thought the pad is rough and it will scratch my wrist but found it to be a very comfortable fit. I have had my share of straps in the past i really could compare it with numerous I've had and that i say they're highly rated. Should you have a Speedy and also you require a summery alternative if the thick leather greatness is too tight, you have to here is another. I wear mine because i type this; even completed it on the Mark III which we all know is a big dude. If you wish to have one you may get in contact with Phil on WatchUSeek or Omega Forums. Also keep an eye out for his dealer profile on eBay where he lists every once in awhile. It's not a money-making business one performing away from love for the strap and that makes a massive difference. These are the guys we'd like on this community who may have the love and fervour. I mean it could be simply a strap but now you are aware all the effort placed in it You will think it is differently. It is also a good conversation starter for people GTGs (also, have you already opted in for our German GTG yet?) all that you should pair them is some military green chinos…or a spacesuit when you have one.